Adriana Sharpe


Adriana Lisbeth Sharpe

Painter, Sculptor, Woodworker 

Adriana was born on December 21, 1983 “at the third hour of the day” in her parent’s home, in the city of Portoviejo, Manabi Province, Ecuador. She is the daughter of an American of Caribbean and Irish decent, Alfred Joseph Sharpe and Betty Graciela Giller de Sharpe, an Ecuadorian woman of French decent.

Her father’s experiences as an engineer, painter, sculptor, carpenter, and draftsman, along with her mother’s activities as a professor and business and crafts woman, created the perfect environment to develop her natural artistic gifts

Adriana was described as a “little mastermind” showing her skills at the early age of 4. Adriana spent a lot of her time by herself working on projects, since her polymathic personality make it difficult to be around other kids. Adriana received her first commission at the age of 9. She was mentored by her father as he worked on projects such as water systems, furniture design and the creation of their home, a Brooklyn style house in the city of Portoviejo.  In addition she had the opportunity to learn sculpture from the master painter Oswald Guayasamin. 

Because her father traveled with his daughters, they saw several cities exploring culture and design.  Adriana was always fascinated by the behavior of various social classes and how the built environment could be a major factor in people’s state of mind. Adriana started her studies at the age of 10 at the counting school Uruguay. At the age of 13 she continued her studies at the School Marinas for a Bachelor in Social Sciences. Adriana’s  life in the city was surrounding by politicians, doctors, lawyers, ministers of religion, military personnel while her life in the country was surrounding by farmers, craft and beautiful landscapes. 

During her teens, Adriana had a big reputation as a titan for her heroic actions. By 15, Adriana was the inspirational leader for young athletes. She decided to finish her studies at the School Olmedo and to stop the violence in the community by bringing the Olympic spirit. Adriana played basketball at a national level, becoming best female player in her city with a score of 69 points in one game. After the 2000 national game, Adriana was injued putting an end to her basketball career. Adriana immediately started looking for new mediums of expression since the young artist didn't want a common life. 

At 17 Adriana started working for the newspaper La Hora selling advertising to small business, while attending to two universities. She spent her recreational time playing billiards, surfing, Texas Hold’en and assisting one her friends in veterinarian matters. She moved to the United States with hope of joining the Navy but her knee injury disqualified her. It was heart breaking for Adriana.  Shortly after she  suffered the dead of her father causing to take a pause for a period of 3 years and explore the possibility of a new chapter in her life in a different environment with new set of behaviors in  a country that loved art, theater, poetry and music.

In Charlotte NC, Adriana stared working in the retail world with high-end jewelry, where her interesting background was a muse for several clients. Because of her versatility, she was commissioned by the rich and the poor, for artworks, jewelry, photography and design. During her last year in Charlotte she decided to work as makeup artist to understand at a deeper level human skin color and texture. 

At the age of 30, Adriana was introduced as a painter in The Charlotte Post News Paper “Sharpe focus on making impression”. She was also posted in popular art page @lovewatts in Instagram. Adriana move to New York in 2017 to: finish  her project “The Chameleon”; complete a private collection of art and to raise money for life changing project, a museum of art in her city Portoviejo with the idea of bring the culture of art to the city. Adriana describes her work as fearless authentic expressionism.